Verse of the Week 1 : Psalm 119:1

“Give me your Words”


I have my Grandmother’s Bible. The kind that is tattered, written throughout and falling apart. The very tangible sign of the inheritance of faith she left all her grandchildren.

DSC01622The wonderful surprise is getting to read her notes. Her jots and scribbles next to the verses, in-between lines. So when I went to Psalm 119:1, the very first verse of the 48 I am trying to memorize weekly, I loved finding this: “Give me your words”

DSC01624that is the very goal for the Year! To learn, to meditate, to memorize, to give and to receive His Words.

Won’t you join with me on a journey that has been traveled over the past few years and still has far to go? Pledge to memorize the first 48 verses of Psalm 119, one a week, for the year of 2015.

This longest chapter in the Scriptures deals with memorizing God’s Word, the how and why of this exercise. SO we are going to try, to try to take a little bite of yum and commit this to heart. Go ahead 2015, go ahead hard world and hard times in front of us, go ahead on this path:

“Lord, give me your Words.”


” Blessed are they whose ways are blameless, who walk according to the law of the LORD”  Psalm 119:1

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