I am struggling to grasp the enormity of evil on the news as I watched details on the Cleveland kidnapping case unfold…Amanda Berry and her child, then Gina Dejesus and her connections to her captor, and Michele Knight as her violent abuse is disclosed…


Three girls who were kept under lock and key, chain and rope, darkness of prison…

chained and beaten, raped and roped…somehow, some way, survived for 10 years.


They were girls blooming into adulthood, starting to make plans for life, love and home…

One had already suffered abuse, one lost her mother while in captivity…prisoners of a war of evil


How are they managing day to day…recovering, living, surviving?

Somehow they have made it, through valleys deeper than most of us will ever walk.

May their strength and resolve return, may they mend and be tended too…

My they find peace and rest, and find the faith and time and space and energy to not just survive, but to bloom.


My prayers are with you.