Scotland…a Journey of a new kind


I am sitting in the London airport just a few hours away from setting foot on one of my favorite countries to visit…Scotland…DSC01755But this is a journey of a new kind.

One that I hope renews, refocuses, reopens my heart and mind to all things new. I have painted for a long time…creating is a very part of me, what I do, my passion. I know paint. I know how a brush should feel in my hand. I know where the strokes should go when they touch the canvas. I love the smell of acrylics & the musty scent of linseed oil, the feel of the freshly gessoed canvas, the instant gratification of color and blending and change right before my eyes.

SO what is new here?

This week I am setting out on a painting retreat in a remote fishing village on the North Sea to open my mind to new ideas, new ways to see things, paint used in different ways, old mediums brought out again to try like friends coming for a reunion. All new, all different.

I like sitting in the familiar, where I know what will happen. I am the person who always wants to know how a movie ends before I see it. I read the last page before turning to start the very first chapter of a book. I like to be in control, to know what the outcome will be before I even start.

SO here I sit, waiting on that final flight…and I don’t know what the last, much less even the first, page holds. I am not sure how this screenplay goes yet, but am waiting, and oh so willing, to jump in before I even open chapter one. For the first time in a very long time, I actually want to be surprised. I want to discover the story line of this journey as it happens. I want to dive in headfirst, make new friends, try new things, even mess up. I want to believe I can still learn new tricks, new ideas, new ways.

I want to live the best creative life I can.

Come along for the journey this week…successes, mistakes, laughter, and life renewed.



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