Off My Palette

This is a new series I have been doing…ultimate recycling…not letting any bit of paint go to waste…It is as though I am sketching my thoughts with abandon…my brush stroking the canvas with the bright colors remaining on my palette…my mind consumed with all the activities and projects of the day…

These little canvases…standing at attention on the end of my table…waiting to be discovered…waiting to become..

and I am just a part of that becoming….


  1. I like it very much ! It’s beautiful !

  2. I love what you are doing with these canvases… the top one is really neat… like the texture and the colors…

    Wonderful idea using all the paints left over



  3. How fun to find your blog. I must admit that your gifts to paint—well I would LOVE to have such talents–I try not to be jealous of such talents. Both of my sister in laws are artists, in many ways—oh how blessed I am by His work through them. I see things in my mind, have never had any training, HAVE NO TALENT in the arts area but still long. hmmmm, this was wonderful to peek into your world.

  4. How creative….I love how the mind works….well done !!!!!
    Mo 🙂

  5. Beautiful colors, poetic and poignant text. Wonderful blog.
    Thank you for stopping by mine.;)

  6. What a neat idea. I had an art teacher tell me that a great artist was one that made wonderful use of their mistakes. Maybe we should add to that statement “or makes beautiful art from their left over bits & pieces.

  7. Wow, what an amazing time I’ve had exploring your blog. Your artwork is stunning. Love your thoughts on using up paint because the results are spectacular.

  8. Isn’t the design process amazing?

  9. OOOOhhhhhh…. these are so cool. I would love to see more pictures of these!!! Do you scrapbook also???

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