A New Beginning



  1. Kijsa, I’m loving peeking at all your beautiful artwork…keep it coming…keep painting.

  2. Clever!

  3. I’m off to do some painting right now!


  4. Cant wait to see what the new beginning is all about…

    BY the way… you have inspired me to try some new things…


  5. Have you heard about the “painting a day” that a lot of artists did this past year? I am hearing about it more and more now. They work really small (like 4″x6″ canvases) but they are really great! I used to know of a gallery with all miniatures and it was intriguing to go that small. I tend to like large canvases like you! I’m curious about what you’re doing next!

  6. Hello…Thanks for stopping by my blog party. Nope, your not too late! Just got done looking around your blog. Your paintings are so yummy with texture and color. Love the smooshy paint brush full of paint!

  7. Thank you for stopping by my blogspot…thought I’d hop on over and see what your blog is about and I am truly amazed by your artwork. I just love the paintings. I almost want to jump up and run in to work on a canvas, but the art table is covered with beads at the present.

    Oh, come on back by and stop by the Tagging Party…I got tagged the other day and since I did not want to run out an tag 7 other people, I decided to change things up a bit and just hold a tagging party. The first seven party goers will receive an ATC.

    Thank you again for coming by,

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