Line after Line…

I have been interspersing black outlining with my florals over the past few months…sometimes, I am thrilled with the outcome…others…I question why I ever picked up the black!

I think everytime I do another silhouette picture, I want to introduce the feeling into these paintings…even though they are seemingly unrelated!
I do love how something from one area influences new directions in your work!.


  1. Kijsa, I simply love what your did here, it is fabulous. We’re all like that, doubting what we did artistically…sometimes you need fresh eyes to look at the work. Put it away for awhile and come back…I bet you will love it too.

  2. I love this!

  3. I think its fantastic!! I love the look… and the freedom with which you did the painting and added the black…nice choice..

  4. I do like how it makes everything kind of “pop”. Jen R

  5. I think we have to continually try new things to remain “fresh” and keep our creativity from becoming “stagnant”. I also believe that we try the same technique over and over until we are satisfied with it, we know when and where it works best and the only way to discover that is a trial and error approach.

    I love this piece you have shared. The black brings everything together and adds the proper finish.

  6. …truly stunning!

  7. You are sooooo talented, I just adore your work, you have brightened up a tuesday evening, how inspiring.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  8. HI Kijsa, I’ve given you an award if you want to stop by and pick it up!
    Jen R

  9. i like the black. i love to out line with charcoal

  10. That is VERY beautiful! Nice choice.

  11. Yes, inspiration is a funny thing. Sometimes it seems like my brain is just slipping sideways into another idea 🙂

    Love the flowers

  12. This is gorgeous!! The black is fantabulous!!

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