A Friend Who Walked in My Shoes…

SO that’s it...what you see is the definition of friendship…or at least the representation of a true friend…

The story begins about 15 years ago, with the first meeting of my friend G. We instantly connected, the years passing by as our husbands plodded through years and years of schooling, our children were born, moves made, distances traveled…

Many seasons ago, I gave this painting to my friend…I wanted her to have a bit of me. For this painting was symbolic…it was from my early semesters of painting in college…from my first understanding of how paint meets canvas…and the beginning of a series of works done in those formative years…My Father’s Shoes

Recently…After listening to services where she heard my tribute to my father…reading his series of poems and books where he mentions these works…she walked in her dining room and removed this painting from her wall. It had hung in her home for over a decade…a conversation piece, a memory of a friend. But she felt it was time to bring the inspiration back to her friend…and she loaded it in her car, driving about 300 miles yesterday to hang it in my studio.

With tears streaming, we hung the piece together…bringing a bit of my dad’s spirit into the place…and now it sits…a piece of my history…a piece of my dad, my biggest fan…inspiring to paint again.

thank you G- I love you..


  1. OH sweetie that is the best story I have heard…. see he is there in spirit… he guided you and your friend and he is now there beside you shoes and all giving you inspiration…. it will come



  2. What a wonderful story. And how I love that painting!

  3. It is very emotional ! What a story ! This painting is full of life ! And you have definitely the best friend !

  4. God bless you both. What would we do without our friends? This gave me chills – and warmed my heart.

  5. Oh I am crying at such sweetness. She is true blue!

  6. Oh wow! What a sweet friend, and the painting is WONDERFUL! Bless her!

  7. now THAT is a true friend! Bless you all!

  8. wow, what a friend…
    what a sweet and wonderful story…


  9. Thanks for stopping by! What a sweet blog…I love the story! …so sweet!

    Cute Blog!
    -Sandy toes

  10. Wow… Just wow… Amazing story and amazing friend.

  11. Wow, there’s no filling shoes like that-your daddy’s, your friend’s or your own. Thank you for sharing.

  12. True friendship…there is NOTHING like it! Thanks for sharing your beautiful story!

  13. That is so so wonderful! I am so happy that there’s such love in this world. Regardless of the story, it’s a great painting. The story makes it even that much more wonderful!!!

  14. What a great story. And what a beautiful painting

  15. This post has truly made my day. What a beautiful story. I’m glad your friend brought your gift home to you. What an incredible friend and a great tribute to your dad.

  16. I can’t tell you how much I was moved by your tribute to your Father and, of course, the true love of your friend. Many blessings to you and your family,


  17. This is a beautiful chapter in the story of your Dad – thank you for sharing it.

  18. Wonderful story.


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