Off to the Races…Derby is just around the corner, and so is a new-found friend and fellow Etsy artist, Susan


A native Kentuckian, she has lived in Louisville all her life, married her high school sweetheart, settled down and lived happily ever after…

and so the story goes, but there is more behind this talented gal.

She started out working in retail after studying art in college, loving the pace and excitement of it all, but with the long hours and dedication, her inner artist fell asleep.

A few years later while pregnant, and working 60 hours a week at Christmas retail, she set about decorating her dream nursery by painting a humpty dumpty mural…and those creative yearnings started to come alive again.


She had the baby and went back to retail work, but after 10 months found herself without a babysitter. She took the jump, left the long hours of retail and joined the longer, but rewarding hours of being a stay at home mom!

With their new financial leap of faith, lots of debt, and her at home with their son, she started painting to make extra money on side. It began with making gifts, then when her son was 2-3 years old, she began painting murals. When he began kindergarten, she did first craft fair…and by the time he was in third grade she was full time!


With her current thriving business,  she reflected on having been able to savor her son’s childhood, getting to do what she loved, stay at home & be married to best friend! God gave only gave her one child, but He gave her the right one!


When you do something you love…the rest will follow!

Be sure to see all her beautiful pottery, ornaments and wooden monograms at her ETSY shop!

Her next project?

…retire and paint wedding cakes at disney world.