This is the new (old) house ready for remodel: our next chapter begins here

The first steps

We have lived in our current Kentucky home for almost 20 years. Almost 20 years. 20 years of babies born, messy fingerprints, first drivers licenses, escaping dogs, stair flooding (oh that’s a good story!), anniversaries toasted, birthday candles extinguished, flashlight tag, magazine features, deaths mourned, Christmas mornings, dirty diapers, billowy prom dresses, and living life large in every square inch. It’s a beautiful home; one filled with memories, beautiful moldings, vintage finds, hand painting, art and love.

SO my husband and I, in some sort of onward journey into the future, or perhaps a mid-life crisis, decided to begin a new story for our family in a home a mile down the street. Moving from our 120 year old brick walls filled to every inch with love and good stuff to 100 year old stucco and wood ones waiting for its first page of Housman family life.

Even as I write this, there is a ying and yang pull at my heart, both for the closing of one chapter, but the excitement of beginning another. One friend mentioned that the change is hard because moving on from a family raising babies and discussing early milestones, to a family with grown and growing children, also brings changes in roles. Life is uncertain, but you can guarantee it will always bring changes. Some changes are wanted, some not a favorite, some desperately unwanted. Through it all I am blessed to have faith. Faith that change is good. Change brings a new side to view of pieces of ourselves. Easy change might lighten our hearts, difficult change deepens our character. Both are beautiful, and equally appreciated, just different.

As an artist, when I enter any space, I see it in new ways: new colors, layouts, design & use. So when we walked into this new address, I saw it. New life, new layout, new journeys. It had a feeling – have you ever felt that? Walked into a space and said “oh this is a happy space!” or “ugh, this is a sad space with yucky vibes?” This house had a happy feeling, and it turns out 50 years of love for the last family that walked its halls. SO now its our turn to take custody, and turn it into a happy place for our feet to land.

But, man, its going to be a long road to get there!

Follow our journey of discovery, demolition, remodel and living life out loud.