Sometimes life makes you stop, or at least pause,

as the ideas and images you were weaving together for your family, or career, or even simple goals, hit a wrinkle,

or a snag, or might even come unraveled.


My beautiful patterns that I envision in my head to create for my family, my life, my children,

keep hitting small snags, un-knitted knots, and mis-stitches created from my own busy-ness.


My prayer for this week is that I stop each day, in the midst of my busy-ness, to reflect upon the beautiful patterns that are being created before me,

By my daughter’s ventures into high school, and her passion for pushing herself through the waters

by my middle child’s tender spirit looking for praise and encouragement and safe passage

by my youngest son’s mischievious adventures that one day will have me weaving true (and embellished) stories of his cleverness

and balance it all.


That would be the success,



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