Working Away…

My sister kari and I are two peas in a pod… the amount of hours we spend talking to each other each day might outnumber the minutes we don’t! Our husbands just shake their heads…they know a blogging/decorating/diet coke drinking/shopping/children/just general hoooping and hollaring conversation will be going on soon (if it isn’t already!)

We decided to create this extra site just to give you a behind the scenes glance at what painting and creating might go on behind the blog! My gallery represents my fine art work…where I seem to be happily exploring all things organic right now! When I get stumped…or stymied…or just need the paint to dry…I go to the table..literally! I keep several primed plates, trays, plaques, and whatever has been discovered…and use that time and my remaining palette to just put down in paint what is in my head!

I love silhouettes…rabbits…artichokes…pears…monograms…our heads twirl and spin with ideas all the time. So many themes and subjects that seem to keep popping up! Kari & I are truly a team…creating and crafting together…this is just a little glimpse into the paint palette

So have a great day from the other diet coke central.


  1. Kijsa, I love your silhouettes!! I think that is one of my favorite things that you create. I’m also a monogram girl, though generally where I live, I am made fun of (can I help I grew up with the Preppy Handbook???!!!). I just love that you started this blog!!!

  2. Love it! Question…where can I buy some of the things that are pictured in the “cubby hole” picture?? My friend and I have started a creative blog called and listed you all as a link b/c we thing you are too cool!!!

  3. Oh baby! Can this get any better! I love the creative work that you girls do! Where does all this stuff come from? Nothing like that is in my head! It is all just plain good. I LOVE your creations!

  4. Kijsa, just love your work. How cute the silhouette is.
    Thanks for sharing more with us.

  5. Oh my goodness, you are just so creative. Your studio is lovely, and the perfect place to visit with the artistic muse.

  6. Love it!!! Diet Coke Central is one of my favourite places to visit…next to this lovely blog called Ask Kari & Kijsa!

  7. Kijsa- Love love love those plats in the cubby….especially that one with the green polka dot center!

  8. Thanks so much for giving us this peek into you! Everything is so wonderful…love the silhouttes best.. 😉


  9. Gosh oh gee! I feel so lucky to get a peek behind the scene. Your paintings are exquisite! Such talent!

  10. Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE my bunny plate? I see it here – it brings me happy in the kitchen!

  11. Gosh! Do you gals not have enough to do? Your energy is impressive!!

  12. thanks for popping by…I am glad to have found your blog…love it!!

  13. Your display area is a feast for the eyes. If I could, I would buy every piece 🙂 Rosie

  14. Wow! Kijsa, you are amazing! There is not a thing in that cubby that is not fab! I love your painting style esp your monograms and sillhouettes! Glad you started this, it’s bookmarked! : )


  15. Kijsa, we adore your work, your silhouettes are beautiful, your Christmas one is proudly sitting on our sideboard, we cannot bear to put it away until next Christmas! What a wonderful site for all of us to connect, you are so giving as it is truly appreciated 🙂 Like Bethany Blessing we too love that you started this Blog! Have a lovely creative weekend! Jenn and Jacqui

  16. Love your cubby cabinet! It shows off all the lovelyness that you have created! Wonderful photograph. Laurie

  17. Oh these are wonderful dear.. love the bl & wh silhouette and the running rabbit ..just wonderfully done.. big hug, Patty..makes me want to go get my paints out (:)

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