My sister kari and I are two peas in a pod… the amount of hours we spend talking to each other each day might outnumber the minutes we don’t! Our husbands just shake their heads…they know a blogging/decorating/diet coke drinking/shopping/children/just general hoooping and hollaring conversation will be going on soon (if it isn’t already!)

We decided to create this extra site just to give you a behind the scenes glance at what painting and creating might go on behind the blog! My gallery represents my fine art work…where I seem to be happily exploring all things organic right now! When I get stumped…or stymied…or just need the paint to dry…I go to the table..literally! I keep several primed plates, trays, plaques, and whatever has been discovered…and use that time and my remaining palette to just put down in paint what is in my head!

I love silhouettes…rabbits…artichokes…pears…monograms…our heads twirl and spin with ideas all the time. So many themes and subjects that seem to keep popping up! Kari & I are truly a team…creating and crafting together…this is just a little glimpse into the paint palette

So have a great day from the other diet coke central.