How a Paintbrush found a Canvas

Once upon a canvas…

“I always loved the process of creating…from making salt dough food for the barbie house to painting signs for my mother’s garden club to creating my first portfolio for acceptance in my college art program…” It has been many years since those first days of shading cones & spheres and papering a doll house, but my love of creating still grows stronger each day! My children and husband come along for the ride…encouraging, critiquing…and even coloring on walls with me!

My studio is filled with eclectic creations…yet there is a similar ‘Kijsa’ feel to all…come see what’s new in the studio through my Etsy site…from pillows to paintings…canvases to collages…all unique originals from my walk in this creative life!

Storytelling Camp: A City in One Day

Storytelling Camp: A City in One Day

I have been spending these past few months researching “Smart art” for my many kid’s classes at MAKE. Trying to find the neatest, most creative ways to experience learning through art and craft. One of my favorite camps that has resulted from all this screen time and page turning is my upcoming Storytelling camp. This is three days of the coolest creativity- making prompts and projects that start and create story lines. SO a search with great creativity comes, well, with a scavenger hunt throughout my MAKE studio! I wanted the kids create a city silhouette that would put lots of characters in close proximity, so that the story lines could be never ending.  An urban landscape that could create homes for as many possible subjects for leading roles. I found the perfect subjects- These rubber pieces are the shells that remain when you remove the alphabet stamps once held. These were perfect! They weren’t trash to be tossed- these were skyscrapers in the making!! A little glue, a stamp block, and we were in business. Then my hunt led my to my robot creating station. (of course there is a robot creating station-motherboards in pieces, wire snips, strange plastic shapes that once held something we would have called a “mix-tape”)  The rubber insides of the dismantled remotes were begging to become urban dwellings, and the stacking blocks declared that they were skinny high-rises as well! Out came my favorite colors of Dick Blick block printing ink, glass palettes, brayers, papers, card stock, oh my! Who says you can’t build a city in one... read more

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