The Gift

We came, we signed, we left with child in arms…then boarded a plane, sleepy-eyed with haphazardly packed luggage, back to Chicago. From then, about a mile up in the air, somewhere over the Bering Sea, it finally seems real…he is ours!

He is happy and content, even with only an hour of sleep throughout the past 24 hours…wanting to be close, yet curious about his surroundings. The office asked us not to post photos yet on the Internet, so I will do my best to describe this perfectly made, God-given little boy…

Two: deep dark eyes the color of coal, taking in everything around him…cased with long black eyelashes that cover his eyes when he looks down to catch a glimpse of his toes…
One: perfect little upturned nose…
Two: heart shaped full lips that look like at any moment he might have a question to ask you to which you may or may not know the answer….things like ” why is the sky blue” or ” how do cell phones work?” or “what does heaven look like?”
Five: little fingers on each hand that grasp your palm as though to say “Please don’t leave me”
Hundreds: baby-fine wisps of jet-black hair that swirl around his crown and a few bangs to frame a halo around his forehead.
Two: little teeth that turn up with each open mouthed smile
One: amazing little sweet grin that already has my ten fingers wrapped around his little one.

What a gift, what a joy…my heart is bursting with blessings and happiness…

I love you little one…

Now off to try to catch a few winks….because we actually got him to sleep!.


  1. How exciting. God has blessed you again with this precious gift, the life of little Tate. Get some rest. When you get home you will be so busy with everything and everyone. God Bless all of you and safe travel. I will be watching for the pictures. I’m sure he is as beautiful as your other two beautiful children.

    In God’s Love,

  2. Yes, sleep when you can. We adopted our daughter 2 years ago from Vietnam, and the jet lag and caring for an infant was pretty tough. But we are here to tell the story, and I wish I could go back and savor more moments. We are friends of Stephen and Haley. Haley sent me to your blog.

  3. Congratulations on your new, sweet, precious son. Such an exciting time for you and your family! Enjoy!

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