It Takes a Village

I am sitting here at just past midnight amazed and exhausted from all that has transpired over the past 48 hours. We received our call to travel to Korea at 8:42am Tuesday and are boarding a flight to Seoul, South Korea in a mere 6 hours. How long you wait for that call, planning, and begging for its arrival….but yet it grabs you by surprise.

It takes your breath away the moment you hear the words “You can travel to pick up your son….” It takes the very air from your lungs….as though the world stops for just that moment while 2000 things run through your head….”he’s coming….we have to make reservations….what do I pack…oh no! I don’t even have a car seat!!” (Not that anyone who knows me is surprised by the last one!)

But then the whirlwind begins…and for that I am thankful. Thankful not so much for the crazy 2 hour phone calls at midnight to Korean air or trying to find a hotel room during the G-20 summit or guessing what size the munchkin would wear…but thankful for the friends and family.

Family and Friends that showed up to help clear the gallery…friends that fed me lunch and listened and answered questions…friends that ran endless errands and kept me on task…friends that stood in the gap when I lost it…friends that grabbed wet laundry piles when my dryer broke at the last hour…friends that thought of all those things I would need while I stood there, my mind blank…the room spinning with all that must be accomplished…friends that called…friends that prayed…friends that came…that really truly showed up…and left me standing, fed, bags packed, children set, baby supplies ready…that prayed and cried and just generally rescued me.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I sit here overwhelmed.

And then his picture comes to mind…his black hair and mischievous grin…how I think I know his personality already just from studying four pictures over and over. And the miracle of how God has brought us, and him, to this point…and I smile through the tears…

How fortunate is this sweet boy…to come into such a world as this…to be surrounded by such people…

And then I think…no…I am the fortunate one. And that takes my breath away too.



  1. Kijsa, I can feel the joy in your post…congratulations! Misti

  2. Kijsa~ I am in tears reading your post. Blessings to you and your family. ~Kathryn

  3. We are praying and weeping and cheering!

  4. Hello sweet sister,

    Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers right now! You are an incredible mom of three and an incredible friend as well.

    I love you.

    love, me

  5. Praying for you and your whole family as you travel to the other part of the world. Tell Anne I am so glad she was able to go along. Her assistance will prove valuable. Love you all and can’t wait til you get home.

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