1. I just love the keys!

  2. ooh la la! these are fab!!
    hey girls, im glad you stopped by!
    have’nt seen ya in a while!
    hope you had a great valentines day!!!

  3. have always loved the keys…congrats on the new blog…love your florals…i have missed visiting you…hugs, r

  4. we love the keys……ever since you showed us what to do with keys at Ask Kari and Kijsa! This is beautiful! J & j

  5. oh my….goodness!!!! love love love those keys!!! wow!!! thanks for visiting my blog!!! hope you stop by again soon! i’ve added you to my links!!!


  6. these are so beautiful!!!! LOL i only just found this Kijsa Studio blog!

  7. Congratulations on the new blog! Looks like great fun and art will be going on around here too!



  8. These keys are great! Laurie

  9. Oh my, I just discovered your blog! What have I been missing out on? I love these keys. I need to get some for my business partner. Her last name is Key and she collects all things vintage keys.

    Please help!

    P.S. So glad I stumbled upon your site. Will definitely be back for more.
    -melissa lewis

  10. These keys are a favorite because of the backgrounds you have created to showcase them




  11. Are you selling these? I love them!!! Your work is wonderful. Gina

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