DSC02662Going through the house to fill the donation box, I kept picking up frames in one room or another. Some were old, some new, some broken, some brand new from the craft store. So there I was with a stack of frames & wood & inspiration struck…

Holiday ornaments and tags were just waiting to be discovered in those wooden pieces…pumpkins needed to be adorned, ornaments wanted to be created and all in all- it was time to create!

I also had a wonderful box just delivered from DecoArt full of amazing products from their new mixed-media line to try…I have several art projects in mind for these new products (especially their fabulous fluid acrylics!)…but today I was thinking more decoratively in my home for my mixed media creating!
DSC02610Since I felt a little sparkly, I went with ornaments first (I know- out of seasonal order, but who can resist the possibility of spreading a little golden cheer!)

I grabbed the first frame, and old book, several awesome products from DecoArt’s new mixed media line, a stencil or two & raided the junk drawer for some old keys, buttons & an assortment of what-nots!

 DSC02625  DSC02629

I began tearing pages and deco-paging the

background. When dry, I did a soft wash using white antiquing cream to soften the look. Then I took one of my new favorite products,  DecoArt’s Metallic Lustre – Gold Rush, and rubbed it with a rag along the edges and details of the frame- Love!

DSC02632To create the center image for my frame, I used a key stencil, gesso & a palette knife. I taped off around the key I had chosen to make sure I had a clean image and then used the palette knife to spread gesso onto the stencil. When I removed the stencil to see my book page underneath, the dimensional key image that resulted was beautiful! The texture and richness just on a simple old book page was ‘key’

(I just could not resist that pun!)

DSC02637A little decoupage and a simple button accent, and my first frame was ready! I couldn’t wait to do more!

DSC02659So I grabbed molding pieces and primed, gilded, gessoed, and decorated, using the same ideas and techniques, but with a different look. I added strokes of gold fluid acrylic to the background for the gilded wash on the wood.

And my brush just kept going!

This was too much fun!

The possibilities are endless…

if you didn’t have old pieces, Your craft store, such as Joann’s, would have lots of frames and wooden craft pieces to choose from

DSC02660I love this tiny frame with just part of the gessoed key & and actual old key attached.

It was just a plain craft wood frame that met a cool old book page, a gessoed stencil, gilding wax & an old key! How cute would it be to do a series of these on a wall, big & small!




A few helpful tips for creating this look:

The stencil I used: Americana Decor Stencils – Vintage Keys

Products that worked beautifully for this: DecoArt Media Gesso – White,  Americana Multi-Surface Satin Acrylics – Cotton Ball, DecoArt Media Antiquing Creams – Titanium White, DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics Interference – Gold Interference, Metallic Lustre  – Gold Rush

Go here to purchase these products easily at Jo-Ann’s Fabric Stores or online at: DecoArt

Now to make those pieces to tie on my pumpkins! This is so much fun!!!