Preparing the Studio

DSC06925I have been sorting through the studio since Christmas, filling December orders, tidying crammed bookcases and closing the opened paint containers. There is something about a new year that fills you with promise, with the hope of days to come, adventures to take, memories to make.

In clearing the dust from the shelves and from my envisioned projects in my mind,  I came upon this quote by Albert Einstein:

“True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.”

That is it!

That is how I feel! DO you ever just HAVE to do something, really, truly HAVE to do it? In the way that you cannot stop yourself from crying out “This is what I am made to do?”

I am made to paint. simply that.

Be it beautiful, be it sloppy and ungainly, be it burlap, be it canvas, be it the back of a lunch receipt I pull out to sketch a painting idea, be it a project I have researched and loved and wept and dreamt of.

I am made to hold a paint brush and love it. To draw. To sketch. To create.

I am made with a desire to worship with visual strokes and thoughts and lines.

and it is good.


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