Father’s Day brings light divided as it enters the room.  Light comes,  full shining brightly,  as I watch my husband with our children. He is glue to our family, a centered base of love and wisdom that holds the whirlwind around him.

Between the light I see the wisps of shadows.

Shadows where my father once held geology in his hand as we inquired things of mystery.

Shadows where he hid behind a large oak, waiting for grandchildren to guess where he could be found.

Shadows where his own wisdom and love penetrated the generations in a physical, palpable way.

But it is those very shadows that allow the rest of the light to shine brightly, a contrast of past with present, an anchor to the brightness.

For where my father’s shoes once walked, shadows of his footprints still remain.

In the smile of my middle son, in the twinkle of my daughter’s eyes, in my own heart and mind that share his genes.

And as I watch the light mix with the shadows through the blinds this morning, I smile. It is the shadows of good memories and loving into the present with bits of the past that hold up the light today. Because my father loved so dearly and deeply, our light shines brightly as we celebrate the good men in our lives, past, present and generations future.

Thank you Dad.

Miss you.