I recently discovered the fabulously talented Diana and her etsy shop, fouronefive Designs and wanted to share. We met via etsy  and I was blown away when she truly exemplified grace under pressure.  Her attitude and responses were faith in action…and I wanted to learn more about her and her story.

Come Thou BOTHA great phone conversation turned into over an hour of fun, laughter and shared faith.

and so it began:



“I began my family at a very young 20 years of age as a single mom and found myself working so hard to create a family for myself and my daughter, but I knew something was missing. I was struggling to make it on my own, and God surely was laughing a little waiting for ME to get out of the way!”

Two years into single parenthood, she rounded the corner one day to come face to face with her Highschool sweetheart, and her world changed right then and there.

Three weeks later they were married

But her love story doesn’t stop there…three became four as daughter number 2 was born, and Diana had the dream of becoming a stay at home mom, catching those memorable moments she missed in the early days with her oldest.

Let Us Give Thanks 1

With newly found time on her hands, picked up her grandmothers sewing machine and taught herself to sew, having lots of fun & being creative. With this, the first inkling of selling her wares came when an aunt encouraged her to open an etsy shop.

Still trying to find her niche, she had an idea for a sign in the house, but couldn’t find one to purchase, so she made her own. It was the discovery of creative fun …she took a plain piece of wood and created something that was beautiful & fit her house so perfectly

She started to grow and experiment, making the “I love you like biscuits & gravy” sign  for her inlaws for anniversary.

As she played with designs (making many different layouts with her perfectionism pushing her towards always being better), she discovered that she wanted to make scripture and sayings that she could really stand behind.

This decision was reinforced at a craft show, when she was thanked by a perfect stranger: ” You are sharing God’s word…this is a ministry”

That opened the door to new designs, a bigger message, something that means even more.

Her Etsy shop has only been open 10 months, but her joyful message is already felt on my heart & by others!


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Go visit the fun and meet Diana for yourself! fouronefive Designs!