Thanksgiving Pumpkins into Carriages



I am so thankful for traveling this year’s twisting and turning journey. From tightly closed doors to wide open opportunities, it has really been a gift of a year, tied up with ribbon on top.


Each year begins with a blank slate. A custom canvas ready to be filled. It may have holes, or be a little crooked, but it is yours to decorate nonetheless. To look at that piece a little differently sometimes requires vision, sometimes perspective, but always faith and creativity.


Perhaps, it needs to be flipped over, turned upside down, or just hung a little differently.


God has provided everything we need to decorate that year, we just have to look for it.  The very essence of faith is that all will be provided, at the right time and place. It has been, for all this year, but sometimes it is hard to see. We concentrate on the pumpkin, not the carriage it could become.


Even as life is unraveling, perhaps it is just preparation for it to be unrolled, pressed free of worry wrinkles, revealed, then tied into a beautiful bow.


It has been a beautiful year of unraveling, of losing control in only the most wonderful ways. Faith. Fullness. Chaos. Grace. Growth. Fun.

and for that perspective, I give thanks to my great God today.

May your Thanksgiving be overflowing in grace and joy.

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