DSC08045When New Year’s rolls around, talks of resolutions & promises engage most discussions.

Have you made yours?

What do you want to change/add in/take out for 2014?

What big life-altering, scale-number changing, triathlon-completing, goal-gaining choice are you going to make?

Well, this cute little crafty encourager helps keep your goals easy, accomplishable using…

The resolution board!


A simple and easy project to propel you forward in 2014, or at least be a cute little craft you can check off and feel you already completed a crafting resolution accomplishment for the year & be done!


I have lots of wood scraps around the studio, but these could easily be found at your local DIY center, or perhaps you garage! I cut a leftover piece of wooden molding into 8″ lengths.

DSC08056I grabbed a few of my favorite Americana colors, and base coated the scraps, allowing to dry, then distressing with rough sandpaper.


Finding tiny wooden clothespins handy, I painted those in contrasting colors. At this point I did wish I had tiny little hands as well as a tiny little brush, or even a few elves looking for extra work after the end of the Christmas season, but the job still was accomplished effectively.

DSC08033A quick hint for drying the tiny clips to keep them from being painted shut – pin into a glass jar until dry then remove

DSC08047the pins were glued on and i grabbed my collection of whatnots to decorate the tops: from old jewelry to cabinet knobs to metal scrapbooking embellishments. After gluing on the chosen finds and letting dry, I stapled a bit of twine just short enough to not be too short to use and voila!

My resolution board awaited resolution-ing!

Now how to resolution with your fun new creation?

DSC08049Use snippets of paper to write a goal, or inspiration for each week and pin on the board. Change as often as you accomplish the task, or need additional encouragement. The idea is to put small, achievable tasks.

Memorizing scripture is huge for me (thus my Verse of the Week boards), so this could do that for you, or learn a new word each week.

Challenge yourself to meet a goal, go for a walk, be kinder than you feel

Challenge yourself to be loved, to go deep and fly high.

Challenge yourself to finish that book, hug someone daily, stop at the second oreo (okay, that might not qualify as an easily attainable goal).

Encourage yourself to smile today, call a friend that has lost touch, or even put your phone away for an evening.

Just do it. Resolve to be better. Resolve to be the best you you can be in 2014