Today is an exciting day for me, one that I have prayed for for a while


 Today I debut the new ministry packet for the Verse of the Week: Make a V.O.W.


It is a make one, give one ministry that leads you through the how, what, where & why of beginning scripture memory

It helps you to create not just a verse board for yourself, but also one to give to encourage others on this wonderful journey.

Easy steps walk you through creating a verse board using your own surfaces: A homemade chalkboard, an existing chalk or dry-erase board, a chalk-painted wall, let your imagination go wild with how you can put scripture front and center in your own home!


To show one easy and creative way to use the packet, I pulled an old frame from the studio, pulled out the picture and inserted some simple butcher paper.


Then following the instructions, applied the vinyl to the glass


One, two three, a verse board now sits where an odd sailing ship with dog sailers once roamed  (garage sale find I must confess, bon voyage dog sailers, hello Word of God!)


Just one way to use the new make one, give one packet! Comes with instructions, short Biblestudy introduction, verses to learn, 2 vinyls & a gift card for your ‘give one board’.

For more information, see the Verse of the week section on my website!