Chalk Paint Sign Party


Several friends gathered at the studio the other night to try their hands at this fun new paint I had been raving about! To inspire a little Fourth of July Fun, I used my Chevron monogram Sign for a little inspiration and the set them free!


Out came stencils galore, tape, sandpaper, and of course, lots of yummy Decoart Chalky finish paint!


They stenciled and painted and munched on tasty chips and dip, all while putting their own original spin on the design.

Sandpaper was flying, friends were cheering & each design was coming together.



Laughter was heard all around, as well as lots of encouragement, as they painted into the evening!

Circles, chevrons, stripes, polkadots, Oh my!


All too soon, the brushes were washed, the paint lids tightened, and the sanding dust settled.

As we all cheered each other for each fun finished design, we loved how each personality shone through.

Off they all went, inspired and happy, sign tucked under an arm, into the night.


They left not just with a sign, but loving the new paint, excited about their new creation & ready to ring in another great Fourth of July!

God Bless America!