Red White & Blue

Red White & Blue

There it was, the box waiting for me.  New paint. Not just new paint, but a new type of paint, filled with the promise of new colors, chalky finish, and oh-so-many possibilities! Freshness, possibilities, makeovers, new looks. All this awaits in the box of new paint!


red white and blue monogram sign

The box is open, new designs are forming and the Fourth of July is calling!

I was inspired to create a patriotic sign that would be fun for the fourth, but could also decorate year-round.

Pulling from my studio stash of boards, I found an MDF board in a 20″ x 12″ size just perfect for a rectangular sign. I base coated in the wonderful new Chalky Finish Paint from Decoart, then selected the beautiful Legacy blue and Romance red for the next steps in the project.

I laid out the center circle and banding, then traced out the chevron stripes from my stencil.

Painting the chevron stripes in the Rouge was a snap, since the paint was so creamy.


After taping and painting the bottom three inch band with blue, I pulled out some simple alphabet stencils to do the bottom lettering.


I laid the wording out with a pencil for spacing, then stenciled American Made in Primitive Chalky finish paint.

While I had that color on my brush, I also painted the center of the circle.


  When completely dry, I grabbed my 100 grit sandpaper and distressed away. My hand lettering finished off the sign with a little fun personalization.


 I was so excited about this project, I invited a few friends to the studio to share the paint fun.

I cannot wait until you see their projects…