Creative Home Display Ideas

cute and creative photo display ideas, kijsa

I am always looking for ways to display my family photos and everyday essential items

Unusual, quirky ways that add an element of creativity and surprise!

photo display using flower frog

One of my favorite ways to pop a photo in here and there is the repurpose vintage items, like the old flower frog above


These two ideas used only silver pot lids, from this quick and easy DIY post!

Tie on your photos using twine or ribbon


One of my favorite display ideas is to find unusual candle holders to act as easels

then you will have art displaying art!


hanging rabbit tag

punch a hole in the top, thread jute twine and tie onto a cabinet knob!

Quick and easy ways to perk up everyday areas in your home are fun to try…I ¬†pinned several more inspirations from all over the internet using bottles, ladders, jars, everyday items all around you to my pinterest board ¬†“On the Wall”

what are your favorite ideas?

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