Like butter.

That is exactly what I said when I started drawing using these wonderful bars. The smell reminds me of my days in the halls of the art building, where the musty scent of linseed oil wafts together with printmaking inks and smoking kilns.


The days I spent in Scotland working with these bars still make my heart leap with joy. I can’t wait to share these through the upcoming workshop at MAKE next Tuesday, September 8!


This is truly a drawing workshop…where we work through some of your favorite subjects (bring photos, pictures, printouts for drawing prompts and inspirations)

Introducing the oil bars with the charcoal and graphite allows so much room for movement, mind-changes, adjustments and learning.

The depth of the images grows more beautiful as the surface is worked with pencil and rag and palette knife…

Come discover your artist within…beginners and advanced will love this class! Learn basic drawing techniques and get to take them to the next level…or bring an experienced drawing hand and see how this medium adds to your technique!


For more information about this wonderful workshop go HERE

off to draw…