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Father’s Day

Father’s Day

Father’s Day brings light divided as it enters the room.  Light comes,  full shining brightly,  as I watch my husband with our children. He is glue to our family, a centered base of love and wisdom that holds the whirlwind around him.

Between the light I see the wisps of shadows.

Shadows where my father once held geology in his hand as we inquired things of mystery.

Shadows where he hid behind a large oak, waiting for grandchildren to guess where he could be found.

Shadows where his own wisdom and love penetrated the generations in a physical, palpable way.

But it is those very shadows that allow the rest of the light to shine brightly, a contrast of past with present, an anchor to the brightness.

For where my father’s shoes once walked, shadows of his footprints still remain.

In the smile of my middle son, in the twinkle of my daughter’s eyes, in my own heart and mind that share his genes.

And as I watch the light mix with the shadows through the blinds this morning, I smile. It is the shadows of good memories and loving into the present with bits of the past that hold up the light today. Because my father loved so dearly and deeply, our light shines brightly as we celebrate the good men in our lives, past, present and generations future.

Thank you Dad.

Miss you.





The inspiration of amazing teaching, new friends and this beautiful scenery was life-changing today!

The encouragement of Gillian Smith was amazing and wonderful women in the class pushed me out of my comfort zone, and into a new place of creating. I was truly on a high this afternoon and couldn’t leave the easel…new technique, new outlook, just what I needed!


It is almost all too fresh to even put into words, my heart & head are exploding with everything I am experiencing. This week had already impacted my art and my heart so deeply and there are many days to go! I can’t wait to share in the studio back home all I am creating this week…


Scotland…a Journey of a new kind


I am sitting in the London airport just a few hours away from setting foot on one of my favorite countries to visit…Scotland…DSC01755But this is a journey of a new kind.

One that I hope renews, refocuses, reopens my heart and mind to all things new. I have painted for a long time…creating is a very part of me, what I do, my passion. I know paint. I know how a brush should feel in my hand. I know where the strokes should go when they touch the canvas. I love the smell of acrylics & the musty scent of linseed oil, the feel of the freshly gessoed canvas, the instant gratification of color and blending and change right before my eyes.

SO what is new here?

This week I am setting out on a painting retreat in a remote fishing village on the North Sea to open my mind to new ideas, new ways to see things, paint used in different ways, old mediums brought out again to try like friends coming for a reunion. All new, all different.

I like sitting in the familiar, where I know what will happen. I am the person who always wants to know how a movie ends before I see it. I read the last page before turning to start the very first chapter of a book. I like to be in control, to know what the outcome will be before I even start.

SO here I sit, waiting on that final flight…and I don’t know what the last, much less even the first, page holds. I am not sure how this screenplay goes yet, but am waiting, and oh so willing, to jump in before I even open chapter one. For the first time in a very long time, I actually want to be surprised. I want to discover the story line of this journey as it happens. I want to dive in headfirst, make new friends, try new things, even mess up. I want to believe I can still learn new tricks, new ideas, new ways.

I want to live the best creative life I can.

Come along for the journey this week…successes, mistakes, laughter, and life renewed.



Grand Opening! MAKE


MAKE . 628 BROADWAY . PADUCAH . KY . 42001


Thursday evening March 12

MEET THE MAKERS 5:00pm-7:00pm

Meet this fabulous group of makers, movers and shakers! See wares and goods from their hands, learn about their stories & check out all the new awesomeness of MAKE and the grand opening weekend!

KariAnne Wood – Blogger (Thistlewood Farm) (oldest sister)

Kijsa Housman – Professional Artist/Owner (second sister)

Whitney – Actress/Austin Craft Creative (middle child)

Mark Presley Jr. – Minister/Palette Wood artisan (number four)

Stephen Presley – Professor/Author (the baby)


Friday, March 13

10:00-11:00 – Palette table demo- Learn from Mark Presley (personally selected by Wholefoods Corporate headquarters to design their Christmas Palette decor for their entire visual department) He is a master how to create an amazing table from Palettes, check out his other offerings below- Open, no cost

11:00-12:30 Make a V.O.W. framed verse – create your own Verse of the week Chalkboard using up cycled wood! cost includes all materials fro one board framed in up-cycled wood –  Kijsa & Mark partner for this fun inspirational class. reservations recommended $39.00



12:30-2:30 – Whitney invites you in to create your own felted Soap!  a come and go class (allow an hour) cost includes materials and instructions for 3 soaps! $22

3:00-4:30 Want to learn how to break down a palette to make your own creations? Let a master show you the way! Plus other quick demos on creativity throughout the hour! free!

Saturday, March 14

9:00-10:00 Doodles & donuts for kids – Free to all children (must be accompanied by an adult) this is a fun time for kids of all ages to play, explore what fun can be done simply with paper! Different stations for paper creating for kids, taught by kids! Munch your way through this creative hour with a donut hole or two!


picture frame memory wreath kit

10:00-12:00 Picture Frame Wreath Project. Learn from KariAnne Wood and create your own picture frame wreath from one of her kits. Cost includes instructions and materials for one wreath, suggested to bring about 25 small black and white family photos/memorabilia to personalize.   $32.00 for frame class,  reservations required

MAKE-postcard1-2 copy

11:00-1:00 Mark’s Palette Mason Jar – Amazing project to DIY materials and class instruction to create two of these beauties! Reservations required $38.00 (there is also an option for a boxed lunch with reservation, $9.00 from Midtown market)

11:30-12:30 Teen Stitched notebook class – a fun and whimsy quick project perfect for teen & pre-teen girls! cost includes one notebook and the know-how to create lots more!! Reservations recommended $14



1:30–2:30 join Austin Craft Creative Whitney Presley and learn how to fold Kentucky out of a book- this you just have to see (and do!) $18 includes book (a vintage Kentucky law manual), and all the know-how to make tons of these if you want afterwards!)

MAKE-postcard52:30-4:30 Make a VOW class – create a make one/give one Verse of the Week board from the new ministry kit. Dr. Stephen Presley will speak on his introduction and purpose behind this ministry $38 includes ministry packet and materials to make two unframed verse of the week boards, plus lots of wonderful encouragement by Dr. Presley!)


These classes are open to early registration via email only for the next 10 days. Many have limited seating, so make your reservation (prepayment is required to secure your spot).

Open registration will begin on the website in two weeks, so email early to ensure a spot!

For more information, class info and possible a joke of the day, Please email at or submit information below:

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MAKE – Creativity Central – 628 Broadway, Paducah, KY 42001


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