Week 2: Verse Of the Week Psalm 119:2


Verse of the Week 1 : Psalm 119:1


“Give me your Words” I have my Grandmother’s Bible. The kind that is tattered, written throughout and falling apart. The very tangible sign of the inheritance of faith she left all her grandchildren. The wonderful surprise is getting to read her notes. Her jots and scribbles next to the verses, in-between lines. So when I […]

Make a V.O.W.


On 12/28/14 we are launching an exciting movement called “Make a V.O.W.” — a call across social media for scripture memory to go on throughout 2015. Scripture spoken aloud makes such an impact on those who hear. Just imagine pulling up Facebook, Instagram, emails, and hearing the voices of children reciting scripture. The soft tone […]

Thanksgiving Pumpkins into Carriages


  I am so thankful for traveling this year’s twisting and turning journey. From tightly closed doors to wide open opportunities, it has really been a gift of a year, tied up with ribbon on top. Each year begins with a blank slate. A custom canvas ready to be filled. It may have holes, or be […]

May I Address the Street


Time – something I don’t seem to have enough of (like every mom out there!) SO when it comes to fall decorating, I wanted a cute, but quick fall fix for my front steps. A quick trip to my hardware store for lightweight aluminum street numbers and picked up some pumpkins while at the grocery store (ahhh […]

Make a V.O.W.


  Today is an exciting day for me, one that I have prayed for for a while  Today I debut the new ministry packet for the Verse of the Week: Make a V.O.W. It is a make one, give one ministry that leads you through the how, what, where & why of beginning scripture memory It […]

Happy Fall!

September is here...Fall is swinging into its beautiful array!

The Great Wide Seas are Yours


“O God, the great, wide seas are yours! You carved the oceans’ rugged floors. You set the waters in their place And made all sea life by your grace. You also made humanity To care for earth and sky and sea.” A beautiful morning to a beautiful song! Biblical References: Genesis 1-2:4; Psalms 8 Tune: John Bacchus […]

Chalk Paint Sign Party


Several friends gathered at the studio the other night to try their hands at this fun new paint I had been raving about! To inspire a little Fourth of July Fun, I used my Chevron monogram Sign for a little inspiration and the set them free! Out came stencils galore, tape, sandpaper, and of course, […]

The Red, White & Blue Monogram

DIY Red White & Blue Monogram Sign

There it was, the box waiting for me.  New paint. Not just new paint, but a new type of paint, filled with the promise of new colors, chalky finish, and oh-so-many possibilities! Freshness, possibilities, makeovers, new looks. All this awaits in the box of new paint! The box is open, new designs are forming and […]