Happy Fall!

September is here...Fall is swinging into its beautiful array!

The Great Wide Seas are Yours


“O God, the great, wide seas are yours! You carved the oceans’ rugged floors. You set the waters in their place And made all sea life by your grace. You also made humanity To care for earth and sky and sea.” A beautiful morning to a beautiful song! Biblical References: Genesis 1-2:4; Psalms 8 Tune: John Bacchus […]

Chalk Paint Sign Party


Several friends gathered at the studio the other night to try their hands at this fun new paint I had been raving about! To inspire a little Fourth of July Fun, I used my Chevron monogram Sign for a little inspiration and the set them free! Out came stencils galore, tape, sandpaper, and of course, […]

The Red, White & Blue Monogram

DIY Red White & Blue Monogram Sign

There it was, the box waiting for me.  New paint. Not just new paint, but a new type of paint, filled with the promise of new colors, chalky finish, and oh-so-many possibilities! Freshness, possibilities, makeovers, new looks. All this awaits in the box of new paint! The box is open, new designs are forming and […]

An Apology to the Parent of a Strong-Willed Child


I was the parent in Music class who arrived with child immaculately dressed, instructed quietly, and received immediate obedience. She participated in all the activities…clapping hands, sitting on her dot, singing along to the songs. I left the class smiling, both mom and child still perfectly dressed, and thinking to myself  “Wow! A few of […]

Creative Home Display Ideas


I am always looking for ways to display my family photos and everyday essential items Unusual, quirky ways that add an element of creativity and surprise! One of my favorite ways to pop a photo in here and there is the repurpose vintage items, like the old flower frog above These two ideas used only […]

Buckle Up Buttercup


When my children hop in the car they are greeted with “Buckle up Buttercup” That was ringing in my head as the old button bin spilled out with several different types of buckles for creating art and listing in the Etsy shop The mother of pearl glistened with a beautiful purity and I paused The […]

Handmade by Rosalie on ETSY


The world of Etsy has introduced me to so many new friends, including this wonderful woman, Erin Bailey! She and her husband met while attending Texas A&M University. The small world of College Station began a whirlwind of family and moving, due to her husband’s career with the railroad. San Antonio, Dallas, Alexandria …. Then […]

Country Roads

Take Me home Country Roads

Take Me home Country Roads My father studied and completed his PhD at WVU in Morgantown. I remember steep treks, fast snowy sleigh rides and trees that seemed taller than life. But what sticks with me are the many, many rounds of this song sung by my dad… Almost heaven, West Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains […]

Words for Me & My Friends

Word of the Day DIY

  Finding myself the proud owner of several vintage scrabble games, I pondered what creative idea I could do…obviously, I could challenge all my family members to a giant scrabble round robin (the 1986 version of Words with friends!) But maybe, just maybe, there might be a way to use the game boards for superior […]