IMG_8415                   How a Paintbrush found a Canvas

Once upon a canvas…

“I always loved the process of creating…from making salt dough food for the barbie house to painting signs for my mother’s garden club to creating my first portfolio for acceptance in my college art program…”

It has been many years since those first days of shading cones & spheres and papering a doll house, but my love of creating still grows stronger each day! My children and husband come along for the ride…encouraging, critiquing…and even coloring on walls with me!

My studio is filled with eclectic creations…yet there is a similar ‘kijsa’ feel to all…come see what’s new in the studio through my etsy site…from pillows to paintings…canvases to collages…all unique originals from my walk in this creative life!

Kijsa Housman Studios

Owner, Artist & Designer

Combine a classically trained artist with a off-beat sense of humor, add in a dose of loving life, serious case of wanderlust and adoring her family…equals whimsical pieces filled with memories, sentiment & creativity

Kijsa received her BFA in Painting from Baylor University, followed with graduate work in Art History from Vanderbilt University. Her work and home has been featured in the pages of several national magazines, from Mary Engelbrite’s Home Companion to Creative Home & Better Homes & Gardens. She has painted commissions from works on canvas across the country…commissioned trips in Europe…to large scale historic murals for state government commissions…to set designs for PBS…to painted stepstools that help little toes reach high places…to verse of the week chalkboards to celebrate the Word of God

With 20 years plus of professional art and design under her belt…All in all…she just loves to paint & create…whatever it may be!

So come along for the journey…bring a paintbrush too if you like…and we can create something beautiful together!