Cute & Easy Burlap Tags


Cute and easy burlap tag tutorial from

Looking for a cute and easy burlap tag for my kitchen baskets…I happened upon this cute, super easy (even better than cute ) way to make burlap tags while working on another project in the studio.

You will need:

1.small pieces of burlap ( a great way to use up those scraps left over from those other cute interest projects you are making!

2. Decopage Glue

3.Foam brush, scissors, hole punch, ribbon

4. a plastic surface (I had some acrylic sheets in the studio- but any flat plastic will work)

5. paint & brush for numbers


 Lay the burlap onto of the plastic and coat thoroughly with Decopage glue and foam brush, making sure it is on front and back and goes all the way to the edges of your piece of burlap.

DSC05609 DSC05610

Let dry thoroughly, then peel away from plastic…

Determine the shape of your tags and use the scissors to cut out.

(I used square…but let your mind run: circle, oval, etc.)

DO not worry about fraying. The glue has sealed the woven surface, so you get a nice straight line without fraying…

 DSC05618 DSC05619

Use a hole punch to create the hole at the top…insert ribbon of your choice…DSC05620

Paint on number, initial, label etc using acrylic craft paint….if you want a guide, print out a favorite font from your computer and use as such…

DSC05621 DSC05582

Let dry…then tie on & enjoy!


Watch for lots of awesome burlap parties coming up in the next few weeks in the studio…helps & hints will be in the next newsletter, so sign up & get connected with a spot to express your creativity!


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