How a Paintbrush found a Canvas

Once upon a canvas…

“I always loved the process of creating…from making salt dough food for the barbie house to painting signs for my mother’s garden club to creating my first portfolio for acceptance in my college art program…” It has been many years since those first days of shading cones & spheres and papering a doll house, but my love of creating still grows stronger each day! My children and husband come along for the ride…encouraging, critiquing…and even coloring on walls with me!

My studio is filled with eclectic creations…yet there is a similar ‘Kijsa’ feel to all…come see what’s new in the studio through my Etsy site…from pillows to paintings…canvases to collages…all unique originals from my walk in this creative life!

Glimpses of Grace

Glimpses of Grace

There are clubs out there without names or charters or offices. Clubs without buildings or meeting rooms or chairs or calendar meeting dates. These are the ‘groups of life’ that you join through experiences, both beautiful and tragic. The knowing glances from newlyweds as they watch their friends walk the aisle- joining the marriage club. Among the pews  are also glances of love lasted, worn or torn, that come from those with even more experience in the ‘marriage club’. Early morning runners greet each other with knowing waves, travelers with heavily stamped passports advise those with newly issued tickets, new mothers tell birth stories (sometimes too graphically) to those whose bellies await delivery- they all share a bond of common experiences. Then there are the tragedies. The ache you feel for someone, both known and unknown, that is walking a path you have already stumbled through. While I have not walked the path of a cancer diagnosis, or lost a child that was running through my home that very morning, I ache for them. But my pain, my thoughts, can never join their hearts in that terrible membership status like those that have received the same news. There is a beautiful song that sings the line “we are all one phone call from our knees” and that is so true for all. This past week, I watched one of my dearest friends thrown into membership of a club I reluctantly belong to as well…the sudden death of her father. I did not want that membership card, nor does anyone else, but life sends you your journey and you must take it in hand. Each path... read more

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